Tuesday, March 30, 2010

solitude clip

Solitude from Nathan Oldfield on Vimeo.

Another beautiful clip from one of my favourite film makers, Nathan Oldfield. It is of Sage Joske playing at a fun beach break.... just him, his quad fish and the late arvo glow.

Monday, March 29, 2010


Tiny surf this morning, about knee high on the full tide, nice colours in the sky gave me something to point the lens at. These were taken at the beautiful Emerald beach, not even the mal riders were having any part of it at 7am. 

Saturday, March 27, 2010

get soggy

Soggybones is the brand new online magazine that hit the internet a few weeks ago. If their first issue is anything to go by, this thing could be the next best thing in surf/skate lifestyle media for some time. And its all FREE!
My mate Duncan has two feature articles in the virgin edition, one is a really cool photo/story on another mate of mine Jack Lynch. And he also has an interesting article on jellyfish (complete with killer studio like photos of the little critters)
But yeah, its full of great content and photos, which stears away from all the same old mainstream surfers and waves that you see in every other magazine on the stands.
CLICK HERE to check out the first edition 

Friday, March 26, 2010


Well our run of east swell looks like its coming to an end this morning, these pics were taken at one of our town beaches around 7am and compared to the last week they were fairly average. The full tide probably wasn't helping matters, so still a chance of some improvement later in the day.
Billy Tolhurst having his morning slide before hittin the shaping shed

HIGH TIDE: 5.53am - 1.57 meter
LOW TIDE:  12.35pm - 0.37 meter
SWELL: hip to shoulder high east swell
WAVE PERIOD: 10 seconds
WIND: light to moderate northerly

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Another golden morning on the mid north coast. Yellow-gold cylinders breaking 50 meters from the shoreline at dawn this morning and me and Johnny Craig were the only folks around. You cannot complain about the crowds around these parts
                   John Craig above the lip just before the sun came up and turned everthing golden

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


          Great start to the day............
and it just got better.
Today is great day to be alive! Sun is blazing, waves are clean and the water temp is as good as it gets. Got up and went shooting with Mat, Chris and Joe who were tearing up the clean walls at one of our picture perfect northern beach  breaks.
Couldn't just stand on the beach to do my daily photos today, it looked too good not to get wet, so loaded up the housing and got some exercise.
HIGH TIDE: 4.09pm 1.1 meter
LOW TIDE:  10.28am 0.55 meter
SWELL: east swell at shoulder to head high.... fun as!
WAVE PERIOD: 9 seconds
WIND: light west early, then light seabreezes in the arvo

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Epic autumn weather all day! If you didn't get down the beach today, I feel really sorry for you. With a moderate north-west breeze puffing for most of the day the back beaches were the go. Clean shoulder to head high waves with smooth faces were just there begging to be surfed on. The Coffs boardriders were luckly enough to have their monthly comp on today and Macauleys was the venue. I was there for the early rounds first thing and got some of the junior and over 28's finals later in the afternoon.
Tom Kelly floating the end section in the under 16’s final
 The super groms were charging

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Finally the swell has cleaned up! Fun waves around for the weekend surfers, and there were plenty making the most of it. I wasn't shooting for long today, just a few snaps and I was out there myself. The pictures actually don't do it justice, it was bigger, these shots weren't from the set waves. It's overhead high on the bomb sets, but still not the big cylone swell that was predicted earlier in the week. That seems to have slid off the radar.
 Pete Valentine high line
HIGH TIDE: 11.39am 1.23m
LOW TIDE: 5.47am 0.45m
SWELL: East swell - high head, little bigger on the bomb sets
WAVE PERIOD: 11 seconds

Friday, March 19, 2010


The swell is still a bit messy on our part of the coast. Despite all-night offshore winds, the surface conditions are bumpy and lumpy. Waves are around shoulder to head high on the bigger sets, but were lacking quality at the 3 beaches I checked this morning.
While the waves were a bit of a yawn, the sunrise was stunning! Beautiful orange, glowing start to the day. Just a small clear opening on the horizon concerntrated the colour under the heavy overcast skies.
 Rider of todays post : Matty Wyborn

HIGH TIDE: 11.03am - 1.33m
LOW TIDE: 5.04pm - .036
SWELL: shoulder to head high on the sets
WAVE PERIOD: 12-13 seconds
WIND: light westerly early, turning light to moderate easterly

Thursday, March 18, 2010

old mates

Got some old mates in town this week and they have been all over anything that has resembled a wave. It has put in perspective how good we have it up here. Back in Adelaide, where these boys are from (and I lived 10 years ago) if we got a stormy 2-foot wave we were stoked! Coming up here your expectations get a bit higher. So on a day like today, which is just wobbly, sloppy and weak, you just look and sometimes write it off. But when your on holidays from Adelaide town you are FROTHING!
Justin above and Nic below; the two stars of todays post.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


There is some surfable waves on offer this morning, however the beaches I checked were lacking in power and quality. There is a southerly wind with us already,  so go to southern corners for the cleanest waves. Nice little light show amougst the clouds at around 7 bells. It was full stary sky at 6am, by 7am only the horizon had a gap in the clouds and now we have yet another overcast day.
Only a handful of "before work" surfers out there today. All coming in with smiles on their faces.
HIGH TIDE: 9.31am 1.48
LOW TIDE: 3.43pm 0.3m
SWELL : south-east, shoulder high
WIND: south to south-east winds 10-15 knots

Monday, March 15, 2010

fun size

There were a few fun ramps around this morning. Southern corners were the go, as they have been for the last week or so. Well worth a paddle for most of this week by the looks. Big east swell next weekend.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Killer free music

Matt Marr has just produced an absolute gem of an Album recently and he is giving out for free!
All you have to do is visit his site, drop your email into his box and he sends you the download link. I've had it on constant play for the last day and half. The free download only last till 22nd March.
GO HERE to get the gold

get fishy

The fish style surfboard is highly functional, creative and sooo fun to ride, I'm a massive fan of all the styles of Fish boards that shapers have been coming up with over the years. I thats why I'm a little cut at the moment. You see the annual "fish fry" is set to go this Sunday and I can't make it up to the Gold coast to take it all in. I've been to it in the past and its a really great day, even if you are remotely interested in these it is worth getting along to.

Get more details HERE

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

east swell

Good swell running today on the mid north coast. Some solid overhead waves coming in from the east... happy days. This shot was taken at one of our back beaches, all of the back beaches i checked today were a little on the fat side or a bit wonky. But later on this evening I stumbled on to some gold, hope you got an after work surf under ya belt.

Monday, March 8, 2010

its worth it

BIRTHRIGHT from Sean Mullens on Vimeo.

This is a beautiful movie I came across today that is total inspiration. I just urge all surfers to watch this clip before making excuses to go surfing. How often do hear folk saying. Ahh not going out today "the water is too brown", "My wetsuit is soaking wet", "can't be bothered walking around the headland", "It looks shitty" "the waters too cold", "its just turned on shore", " I've gotta hang over". There are no excuses good enough not to go surfing.
Movie shot by Sean Mullens

Friday, March 5, 2010

3 surfers - 10 boards - 1 session

3 surfers 10 boards 1 pointbreak from Tom Woods on Vimeo.

This four minute clip is straight out of the ST Images stable. Yeah...... we have started to do some filming. Not taking it too serious, although the new HD SLR camera we have just acquired does pretty good job.
It was shot a few weekends ago at Crescent head with Sage Joske, Brett Caller and Jack Lynch. We went for a drive south with more than 10 boards in the trunk and they surfed everyone one em in clean peeling right-handers. The light quality was pretty bad and that's one of the main reasons I shot more video than stills. This film matches up with the still shots from THIS GALLERY.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Project DMC

Made a start on a little project I've got going with Danny Cougle from DMC boards today. He was getting stuck into a new 6'1 custom, for a lad in Sydney. The project should reveal itself over the next 2 months.

Surf is a bit junky today. Strong south-east winds and rain squalls aint good for my camera gear, so no shots of the surf.