Friday, March 19, 2010


The swell is still a bit messy on our part of the coast. Despite all-night offshore winds, the surface conditions are bumpy and lumpy. Waves are around shoulder to head high on the bigger sets, but were lacking quality at the 3 beaches I checked this morning.
While the waves were a bit of a yawn, the sunrise was stunning! Beautiful orange, glowing start to the day. Just a small clear opening on the horizon concerntrated the colour under the heavy overcast skies.
 Rider of todays post : Matty Wyborn

HIGH TIDE: 11.03am - 1.33m
LOW TIDE: 5.04pm - .036
SWELL: shoulder to head high on the sets
WAVE PERIOD: 12-13 seconds
WIND: light westerly early, turning light to moderate easterly

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