Tuesday, August 2, 2011

johnny on innersection!!

The third round of the worldwide Innersection competition kicked off last night and we have another entry into the mix, this time of Woolgoolga local Johnny Craig. For those who don’t know John he is a surf stoked shack master who has grown up surfing the beaches north of Coffs Harbour. He is hands down one of the best tube riders on the coast and this clip is an absolute barrel fest that shows exactly that. John works 5 days a week tying steel, so our filming was limited to the weekends and the odd day off. He’s going up against kids with $100K sponsorship deals and all the time in the world to surf, and I reckon his section stacks up pretty well against them. Please, please help us by going to the website and joining (its free) and supporting the underdogs by giving it a solid star rating (10 stars would be good) Local lad Harley has already made the cut, lets see if we can get another local into this killer video!! CLICK HERE to see Johnny’s section.

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