Tuesday, March 16, 2010


There is some surfable waves on offer this morning, however the beaches I checked were lacking in power and quality. There is a southerly wind with us already,  so go to southern corners for the cleanest waves. Nice little light show amougst the clouds at around 7 bells. It was full stary sky at 6am, by 7am only the horizon had a gap in the clouds and now we have yet another overcast day.
Only a handful of "before work" surfers out there today. All coming in with smiles on their faces.
HIGH TIDE: 9.31am 1.48
LOW TIDE: 3.43pm 0.3m
SWELL : south-east, shoulder high
WIND: south to south-east winds 10-15 knots


  1. Top one is my favorite, what a sunrise. Looks like you got quite a swell heading your way soon tom. just after I leave too! devastated. hope it gets good and you will have some killer shots to show me. dunc

  2. Stoked! thanks for the comments guys.

    Yeah Dunc, big NE swell with SW winds.... could be the best swell we have had for years, hope its not a hoax.