Friday, October 30, 2009

our local world champ!

Emerald beach shredder Harley Ingleby, made the final of the maldives pro to become the 2009 Longboard WORLD CHAMP! to say that he is stoked would be a massive understatement. In my, possibly biased opion he is hands down the best longboarder going around and many would certainly agree that his style is the best to watch, so he is a very deserving winner of this year's title.
Mate enjoy your win and all that comes with it! see you when you get home

with a backhand attack like this, its little wonder harley did so well at the long lefthander in the maldives.

Another colourful start to the day. this pic taken just after 6 this morning.
Surf was around waist height.... very lazy at most beaches with the morning full tide.

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