Thursday, January 13, 2011

a new maldives experience

I went to the Maldives back in 2007 on a boat charter… had a ball the waves were fun the water was amazing. But the best day of the trip was when we jumped overboard and swam to a locally inhabited island. We met some great people, ate some of their traditional food, got shown around and even surfed an epic righthand reef that run across the front of the island. Had we just stayed on the boat (like planned by the tour operators) we wouldn’t have been exposed to that local culture and wouldn’t have brought the experiences and stories home. Up until now the Maldives surfing experience has mostly been about expensive resorts or 10 days on a boat. Neither of these gives you the real Maldives. That’s why we are excited with a new travel experience setup by a dude who lives just inland from Nambucca. He has setup up a super affordable lodge for surfers on one of the Maldives beautiful little islands…. CLICK HERE to read about the man behind it all and the surf travel option.

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