Tuesday, November 16, 2010

mad dash

About 10 past 5 this morning I opened the back door to check out the wind sock, as I do every morning, but my attention was set beyond the fluttering flag to a sky which had sunset potential written all over it. The race was on, with a deep pink and red horizon already starting to do its thing, this little photographer was getting excited. Sunrises only last few minutes, so within 30 seconds lenses, filters and camera bags are flying all over the place as I try to get my favourite landscape capturing kit assembled. Running down my local beach with T-Shirt inside out, bed hair flapping in the wind and two camera bags hoisted over each shoulder I must have looked like I was late for an early morning flight… luckily no one was around watching my uncoordinated mad dash for sunrise glory....CLICK HERE to see all the pics from today

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