Wednesday, February 24, 2010

good times

The ST Images bus headed south last weekend with the Valla surfboard team. Sage Joske, Brett Caller and Jack Lynch all stashed their weird and wonderful quivers into the back of two vans and off we went down the pacific highway.
Our destination was to be a long pebbly lined point break, as we rounded the bend into the car park a 5 wave set peeled flawlessly for 150 meters, the boys were amped!
The easterly swell from yesterday was still with us and the wind was non-existent.

Brett was straight out there on his finless Alaia, while Sage and Jack opted for their four fin fishes.

Much board swapping and changeovers went on throughout the morning sessions. Sage’s new Vector was a popular choice in the shoulder high waves and when the tide filled in the longer heavier logs were dragged out for some critical sliding along the summery walls.

vector sliding

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